Re: [Evolution] outgoing smtp servers

That's not JUST a feature of Outlook Express, you know.

You're right, this is a feature of most GUI mail clients.  I jsut pointed to
Outlook Express because it is what I use when in Windows and it appears that
the Evolution interface was made to be similar to it in most areas.

You always have to specify an outgoing SMTP host. Your particular issue
is that you were not using an SMTP server that you personally control; you
were using your ISP's SMTP server. So ... change ISP's, and you have to
change all your settings.

I do control the SMTP server my domain is hosted at.  I could poke a hole in
the relaying rules and use it as an outgoing server, but I don't think this
is the proper way.  When I used to work at an ISP I used to get people
telling me they were travelling and not able to send mail.  I would tell
them that they needed to use the outgoing mail server provided by the ISP
they were using.  Although it is possible to set it up I think it is proper
ettiquite to use the SMTP server with the shortest path to the IP you are
using.  There is no need to route your mail from New York to Seattle only to
get it to it's recipient in Chicago.  That's like going on vacation and
realizing that you still have your mortage payment that you forgot to mail.
You wouldn't return home just so you could put it in your mailbox for the
mailman to pick up.  You would drop it in the closest mailbox you found,
even though the return address was for a place far away.

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