[Evolution] Some bugs (I think ;)


I tried a Debian Evolution snapshot and I am very impressed. I tried
Evolution some times, but it never really worked for me...but you've
really done a *very* great job ;)
I have some problems though:
* Evolution sometimes does not mark messages as read when reading them
so it shows a wrong number of unread messages in the shortcuts/folder
* If i set up an SMTP Server which starts with http:// (I don't really
know if this is right, but it has always worked for me.) next time I
go to the menu, Evolution tells me the server is "http", which is not
very nice. ;)
Oh, another problem, that I can't set up VFolders is gone.
And I have a (low priority ;) questions:
Is there a way to change the font for the mail viewer/editor?

Bye, Andras
The sticker on the side of the box said "Supported Platforms: Win 95,
Win NT 4.0 or better", so clearly Linux was a supported platform.        

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