Re: [Evolution] Some bugs (I think ;)

On 22 Feb 2001 17:38:29 +0100, Andras B. wrote:
* Evolution sometimes does not mark messages as read when reading them
so it shows a wrong number of unread messages in the shortcuts/folder

Perhaps you have the messages read timeout set too high.  I'm assuming
this because I've not had a problem with this.

* If i set up an SMTP Server which starts with http:// (I don't really
know if this is right, but it has always worked for me.) next time I
go to the menu, Evolution tells me the server is "http", which is not
very nice. ;)

the smtp server usually is a different protocol from http.  using
http:// is incorrect.  What you really should be using is the part that
comes after http:// (assuming that it is actually the smtp server).

Oh, another problem, that I can't set up VFolders is gone.
And I have a (low priority ;) questions:
Is there a way to change the font for the mail viewer/editor?

I've been having problems creating new VFolders through the editor but
you can always edit the file in the evolution folder and that will work.
The font modifications can be made in the Control Panel.  I think it is
in the html-editor section of it.

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