Re: [Evolution] RedCarpet Problems

  I've got Feb 15, 2001 edition of Evolution installed (unable to update
since because I didn't want to install from source :) and I've noticed
that the recent RedCarpet installation has broken the evolution
composer.  My guess is because of the gtkhtml update the red-carpet
installed but anyway, since I don't know if this is in fact the problem
I just wanted to point that out so that it could be fixed relatively

     The problem is in red-carpet's gtkhtml release. it misses some
     components (the Editor!!)
     and it breaks evolution. I rebuilt gtkhtml-0.8.3 from ximian's CVS
     and both, red-carpet
     and evolution, are working properly. I've got redhat 6.2 RPMS if you
     want of gtkhtml.

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