[Evolution] Feature suggestion


When I use evo I get into a habit of performing keystroke sequences
(e.g., the infamous Ctrl-A-D-X) automatically in one folder after
another. In som folders I don't want to delete mail, but it has happened
:) Wouldn't  it be nice to have a flag for every folder  "I don't want
to delete mail in this folder"/"Don't pop up dialog box foo for this
folder". This would, if set, enable/disable some additional step to
actually do the action, maybe a dialog box. This would prevent slip-ups,
while still avoiding the hassle of "OK?" boxes popping up for each and
every delete operation.
Well, no high priority obviously, and maybe not needed at all if the
delete mechanism will be revised, but still, after my slip-up I thought
it would be nice to have.

regards, M.

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