Re: [Evolution] 2/14 Snap -- Bug reports and comments

On 14 Feb 2001 12:39:14 -0500, Troy Carter wrote:

I have been installing and using (successfully for the most part, great
work!) the daily snapshots -- I have a few possible bug reports and

My setup -- IMAP mail server (netscape) stunnel'd to localhost 143,
RH7.0 + latest Ximian.

(1) I dragged and dropped a shortcut to my IMAP INBOX onto the shortcut
bar.  When evolution starts up, this shows up as one of the other
shortcuts ("Tasks" today) while the IMAP folders are found from the IMAP
server.  Once all of the folders are found, it becomes "INBOX".
However, the other shortcuts are screwed up.  The contacts shortcut now
takes me to the calendar, for instance (perhaps unrelated to the above,
but I am not sure).

Yes, the shortcut bar d&d stuff is broken.

(2) Filters.  I seem to remember that at one point in time, filters were
automatically applied to new headers in an IMAP server upon download.
This is not happening now -- I also remember a discussion about this not
being a desired feature and that it might be removed/not implemented, so
this might be on purpose.  I (again) request that this feature be
enabled, as it is quite useful.  It seems to me that filters should
accomplish the same purpose regardless of your mail store -- I want new
messages coming into my IMAP inbox to be distributed into other imap
folders as appropriate.  I could perhaps use procmail (?) to accomplish
this, but netscape does it for me, so I had been using netscape filters.
I would love to see this implemented in evolution....

This was never the case... It is in Bugzilla but has not been written

(3) Filters again.  Most of the time when I apply filters, the
communication with the IMAP server seems to hang up.  For instance, I
get the digest version of this list, and I have an IMAP folder for
storing the evolution digest mails.  So if I Ctl-Y on a new evolution
digest message to apply a move and delete filter to it, generally it
will sit there (saying keeping connection alive and with the progress
bar bouncing back and forth).  Any further attempts to look at other
messages or folders hangs also.  I tried looking at the output of
evolution-mail (with the verbose debug env variable set for camel) and I
don't see any useful messages about what is going on.

can you get a backtrace with gdb? That'd be useful...

(4) HTML viewer.  Images in HTML messages which are links to remote URLs
are not displayed in HTML messages.  I guess this might be a feature
rather than a bug...  I looked for settings in the gtkhtml control panel
applet, but found nothing appropriate.

Yep, this is also a feature that is in bugzilla but not yet implemented.


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