Re: [Evolution] Ouestion and a problem

I'm confused... Are you downloading mail via POP and trying to filter
into IMAP folders? Or are you unxing IMAP and trying to filter into IMAP

If you are doing the second, IMAP doesn't filter "incoming mail" because
it's unclear as to what "incoming mail" is as you don't exactly download
it. It's already in a folder ;-)

Anyways, I think Dan Winship has some ideas on how to make IMAP
filtering work but it's not a high priority as far as I'm aware.


On 14 Feb 2001 09:32:13 -0500, Joseph B. Welsh wrote:
Hi List,

I would like to set up evolution for gpg.  Is there a guide or help on
how this is done?
I'm using the  2001. redhat 6.2 snapshot.

Also since upgrading from the .08 preview release my mail filter haven't
worked.  They worked great in the preview.

I have tried the Jan 30th, Feb 10th and Feb14th snapshots for redhat 6.2
and they haven't worked at all

The filters are simple...if an mail comes in with [Evolution] in the
subject,  move the mail to a folder named Evolution on my IMAP email

Manual moves work fine.  I manually run the rule after the get mail and
rules execution fails and then it moves the mail.  It just doesn't seem
to work on incoming mail

Anybody else having problems with this?

Joe Welsh

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