Re: [Evolution] Ouestion and a problem

Hi List,

I would like to set up evolution for gpg.  Is there a guide or help on
how this is done?

No. :-(

BUT ... in ~\evolution\Config  is a config file called Mail.

In it,  you can add a section called [PGP].


Type=3 means use gpg support.

Works fine for me. I can sign, encrypt and decypyt messages. FINALLY!
Thanks, Jeff! :-)
(Obviously, you need to install and configure gpg - make keys, etc) -

I'm using the  2001. redhat 6.2 snapshot.

Also since upgrading from the .08 preview release my mail filter haven't
worked.  They worked great in the preview.

Really? I have no problems with filters and that snapshot.

The filters are simple...if an mail comes in with [Evolution] in the
subject,  move the mail to a folder named Evolution on my IMAP email

AH. Try deleting the "[" and "]" characters. They used to crash Evo, when
used in a filter. Perhaps now it just doesn't activate.
Of course, I'm doing it to local folders, not IMAP, so perhaps that makes a

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