Re: [Evolution] Get Mail is broken

You probably store all your POP passwords in Evolution?


My guess is that if you remove the password from one of
your accounts, and when you Get Mail and hit Cancel when
it prompts you for the password each time, you'll see the
problem.  Maybe not the first time, but at least 90% of
the time after that.  I always get No Route To Host.

Perhaps it will. Not sure if I want to change my configuration, and see my
Evo crash that much. :-)


Since I haven't received any replies, I'll try again.
Get Mail is broken, and has been for a long time.  In
addition to this, the mail component is quite unstable.
It crashes on me quite frequently, both before and after
checking mail and sometimes when trying to view the new
mailbox contents.  I don't have backtraces yet.

I'm using CVS from yesterday.

I'm using this version. My Get Mail is working fine. Mail component has
crashed on me yet, and yesterday I received 230+ messages.
Sent a few - plain text, HTML, PGP-encrypted - all composed and sent

I use 3 POP accounts, tho - not IMAP. System runs Mandrake 7.2.

The CONTACTS, on the other hand, crashes evry time I try to add a new
contact (the wombat process dies), and I still haven't been able to get
CVS version to read my existing addressbook.

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