Re: [Evolution] Ouestion and a problem

On 14 Feb 2001 10:31:18 -0500, Michael Leone wrote:

Hi List,

I would like to set up evolution for gpg.  Is there a guide or help on
how this is done?

No. :-(

BUT ... in ~\evolution\Config  is a config file called Mail.

In it,  you can add a section called [PGP].


Ok, did that 

Type=3 means use gpg support.

Works fine for me. I can sign, encrypt and decypyt messages. FINALLY!
Thanks, Jeff! :-)
(Obviously, you need to install and configure gpg - make keys, etc) -

I have all that done.  That part that escapes me is how to send the mail
signed and encrypted
Except for the no-tty and
my options file is empty

I'm using the  2001. redhat 6.2 snapshot.

Also since upgrading from the .08 preview release my mail filter haven't
worked.  They worked great in the preview.

Really? I have no problems with filters and that snapshot.

The filters are simple...if an mail comes in with [Evolution] in the
subject,  move the mail to a folder named Evolution on my IMAP email

AH. Try deleting the "[" and "]" characters. They used to crash Evo, when
used in a filter. Perhaps now it just doesn't activate.
Of course, I'm doing it to local folders, not IMAP, so perhaps that makes a

Tried taking out the brackets, still no joy 

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