Re: [Evolution] Evo playing nice with other MUAs?

It already supports Maildir. How do other mail clients do heirarchial
folder structures? I assume this is what you mean by saying that
Evolution's file system isn't compatable with other mailers. Btw,
Evolution by default uses standard mbox which is readable by any unix


On 13 Feb 2001 14:00:18 -0800, Dan Berger wrote:
I'll volunteer that I haven't looked at Evolution in at least one
snapshot - primarily because I've been looking at pre-releases of
Nautilus, and the two don't play nicely (they aren't yet tracking
compatible releases of oaf, for one).

Is anyone at Ximian considering that the current Evolution file
structure for mailboxes makes it very difficult to swap out MUAs.

For example, as I type this I'm 3000 miles away from my machine -
accessing it via SSH.  I'm using mutt at the moment, but when I get
back to the console I could use Balsa without any complications.

Last time I looked at Evo this wasn't possible.  I tried setting up
the Evo mail hierarchy as a bunch of hard/sym links - but it didn't
work.  I don't want to over-react, but it seems that Evo should do
everything it can to play friendly - to do otherwise is very, well,

Also - does Evo (or will it) understand Maildir format mailboxes?

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