Re: [Evolution] Evo playing nice with other MUAs?

On Tue, Feb 13, 2001 at 06:27:41PM -0500, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
It already supports Maildir. How do other mail clients do heirarchial

Good to know.

folder structures? I assume this is what you mean by saying that
Evolution's file system isn't compatable with other mailers. Btw,

Yup - this is what I mean.  There are two variations I've seen - the
"Netscape way" and "everyone else" (which, I suppose makes 3, if you
count Evo's way).

Netscape allows mailboxes to contain both messages and other mailboxes
- it does this by sticking a static extension onto folders while
creating their directories on disk.  So, if you created a mailbox
called Evolution and nested a mailbox called DevList in it, you'd end
up with the following directory structure:

% ls -R


Where Evolution and DevList are both mbox files.

Most other mailers that I've found which support hierarchical
mailboxes don't allow mailboxes to contain other mailboxes - they
allow folders to organize mailboxes.

So, my current ~/Mail directory contains both mbox files (for
archives) and Maildir mailboxes (active boxes).  Balsa scans the
directory structure on startup and "figures out" which
files/directories are mailboxes.  It then creates a tree view of those
mailboxes in their containing folders.  Folders can contain mailboxes
and other folders - but not messages.

Mutt is similar, though since it doesn't graphically represent the
folder structure it avoids the "scan on startup" bit and just let's
you open other mailboxes by providing their path.

There's another mailer called Chronos II
( that does seem to allow mailboxes
to contain messages and other mailboxes - I haven't downloaded it or
tried it, but I suspect it does something like Netscape.

So I could almost certainly continue to use mutt along side Evolution
- I'd just have to navigate the Evo mail dir hierarchy while opening
folders - annoying, but doable.

I doubt that Evo and Balsa, or Evo and Cronos II or Evo and any other
graphical MUA would get along nicely.  Perhaps this is unavoidable, as
there's no "standard" for nesting mailboxes and folders - but it's
still pretty inconvenient. 

As for using IMAP (the other response so far) - yea, I suppose it's a
solution, but it's not terribly user friendly in terms of setup and

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