[Evolution] Re: What a good source of email addresses to spam... Why?

Erm. Well if you look at your user preferences page, presumably
generated by the software, note that the software is called mailman and
in my humble opinion is pretty good mailing list manager software, then
you'll find the option to keep your subscription address private and
thus not shown on the list of subscribers.

Yes that is a trivial code to break but then so is:

user NOSPAMmyhost mydomain com

as are other such examples.

Anyway, I think it is safe to say that it is the subscribers
responsibility to protect themselves from spam in this case.



I have been lurking on this list for a long time, ever since I was
looking around for an email client (but I settled on gnus).  Anyhow I
was not reading the list so i am unsubscribing, hence I am poking
around http://lists.helixcode.com and I found

A lovely list of every subscribers email address...

     weskinard at home.com 
     westbrook at swestbrook.org 
     wfromoz at bellsouth.net 
     willh at neverworld.com 
     william at adextra.com 
     wilson at coms.com 
     wingman at vilstal.net 
     (wkp1013 at hotmail.com) 
     worik at noggon.com 
     (wpascoe at realmedia.com) 
     wstearns at pobox.com 
     wudell at unl.edu 
     x86 at lemont.rice.iit.edu 

I think that that is a trivial code to break.  And why have it?  Why
should the list of subscribers be available?

Anyhow, I thought I would complain.

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