Re: [Evolution] Wish Lists and Bug Reports

Regarding the Executive Summay:

Yay! Another Executive Summary fan! :)

* it needs a method to re-arrange the services without having to remove
and add them

This'll be somewhat useful, but I can't think of a way it would be
implemented, can you?  Also I'd much rather have your next suggestion:

* also a way to refresh the RDF service, and an option to how frequently
to auto-refresh.

Yes! As we mentioned before, there could be a scheduling option similar
to specify recurrence of calendar items. This new scheduling system
could also be used for the oft-requested Auto-mailcheck. :)

* finally a way to re-flow the layout.  I removed then added some
services, but now the left-column (I have two columns) is very wide for
now reason - the service which forced it wide has been removed.  These
should reflow on every service add/remove and when a component
refreshed, i.e. when new RDF comes in.

I think another rule to add to columns (beyond what you suggest) would
be to prevent any given column from taking more than, say, 25% extra
beyond what the average column width is... i.e. if you've got two colums
(each 50%), no column could take more than 50%+(50%/4)=62%. This would
prevent the super-lopsided columns that sometimes occur.

Exec Sum's #1 fan,

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