Re: [Evolution] Re: GROUPWARE - Anyone at Ximian or OO listening?

Yes, it would be nice for one of them to at least say "Hell no, we wont
go" at the very least.

Won't go where? Isn't it pointless to ask before there is something that
actually has been written down?

I can't see them - well, at least not teh ximian ones - saying 'no, no
matter with how cool and nice thing you come up with, we just plain won't
use it'.

I guess it would be nice to have someone from ximian taking some role in
the project. We will need your feedback and expertise to make this as
solid and "cool" as possible. So far Im not aware of any of the
development team from ximian or openoffice who is jumping in to be the
"Rep" from the given project.

Granted, as I have said before, I will push forward regardless. But it
would be nice.


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