[Evolution] Wish Lists and Bug Reports


Today, I have mostly been playing with Executive Summary/Tasks/Shortcut
bar. (I appologise for the in-joke which only "Fast Show" watchers will

* there is a bug in the behaviour of a splitter pane in the Calendar
view.  On the right is a month-view and the task list.  The seperator
between them can be moved up or down to change the number of months
displayed. This is good.  It can also be moved to the top or bottom to
hide either the month view or the task list.  This is also good.
However, once moving it all the way to the bottom then attempting to
bring it up again, the grid which the splitter bar snaps to is incorrect
- thus only two of each month is visible in the month view.

* the shortcut bar is good once it has been customised to include by
main email folders.  However, I'd like to be able to be spaces inbetween
items to organise my folders.  (the groups help organise but I can only
have one on screen at once).   Also, when re-arranging the icons the
area the mouse pointed has to be in to stop it "copying" (from the icon
displayed) to "re-arranging" is rather small - at first I didn't realise
that they were movable.

* how about allowing more than one group to appear at once in the
shortcut bar?

Regarding the Executive Summay:

* it needs a method to re-arrange the services without having to remove
and add them
* also a way to refresh the RDF service, and an option to how frequently
to auto-refresh.
* finally a way to re-flow the layout.  I removed then added some
services, but now the left-column (I have two columns) is very wide for
now reason - the service which forced it wide has been removed.  These
should reflow on every service add/remove and when a component
refreshed, i.e. when new RDF comes in.

Apart from that, 

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