[Evolution] Mandrake 7.2, Gnome & Evolution

I have Mandrake 7.2 Deluxe and have been trying for about a week to get 
Evolution working by installing the RPM's.  From a fresh installation I 
have tried:

1. Installing the unsatisfied dependencies required by Evolution, and 
then Evolution 0.8

2. Running Helix-Update and installing all updates, installing the 
remaining unsatisfied dependencies, and then Evolution 0.8

3. Installing Gnome 1.24 from scratch, checking helix-update to make 
sure all updates are installed (which they were) and then installing 
the unsatisfied version dependencies (bonobo, glib, oaf, gtkhtml).

On all occasions Evolution either refuses to run with a shared library 
error or programs stop running - I assume due to the new glib library.  
Forgive me if any of the library names or versions are incorrect but I 
am having to use Windoze to write this.

Has anyone successfully got Evolution running on Mandrake 7.2? ... if 
so, can you help as I can't wait to switch over the Linux full-time.


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