Re: [Evolution] Mandrake 7.2, Gnome & Evolution

Has anyone successfully got Evolution running on Mandrake 7.2? ... if
so, can you help as I can't wait to switch over the Linux full-time.

I run Evo 0.8 on LM 7.2.

You need to do the helix-update FIRST.

Then update Evo.

For me, Evo complained about dependencies with only 1 package - a
perlGTKHTML-something-or-other package. It'll tell you the exact name.

I uninstalled that 1 development package - which wasn't used by anything; I
think LM installs it by defauilt, just in case. Then I re-ran the Evo 0.8

All installed fine.

Haven't been brave enough to try the nightly snapshots (there STILL aren't
any LM ones - hint, hint :-), but I'm told that MANUALLY installing the RH
6.2 snapshots are supposed to work. Me, I don't want to have to go to all
the trouble of switching clients again, if I break Evo. So I've been holding
off. Plus, I heard at LWE, that 0.9 is "hopefully" due with the next 2-3

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