Re: [discuss] Re: [Evolution] Re: [discuss] GROUPWARE - what is it,anyways?

It's all (or most) been cc:-d to their list, so one would hope they would
speak up. And it's phpGW that is working on the backend - OGS (which
doesn't even really exist yet, btw.) isn't.

phpGW exists. but the OGS does not. Its only a concept in my head and Im
sure in the heads of others.

I can very well see Evolution being (one of the) backend(s) on a Gnome
desktop while talking to "real" backends.

Yes, this design MUST be easily built so that you can have what amounts
to a locally installed "server". Of course most end users wouldnt ever
need to understand that this is happening. This "local server" is what
would replicate with a "real server" and allow for proper offline use.


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