Re: [Evolution] open letter to Ximian Evo team: RH 6.2 blues

I disagree. Ximian is a company, not a charity. If they want to
survive in the long run they must attract paying customers. I don't
know their intended business model in full detail, but from what I
have read I would assume that they expect eventually to impress people
enough with the quality of their software and *with their
responsiveness to customers* that customers will be lining up to pay
them for support. 

Please wait for Evolution 1.0 to be released if you are looking for a
commercial grade application.  The Evolution snapshots that we are
pushing out are previews of what is coming out.

Their responsiveness to early access customers is a measure of their
priorities, and of how likely they will be to respond to customers
(even paying ones) in the future.

Not really.  We are building our teams, and the only fully formed team
currently is the developer team.  


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