Re: [discuss] Re: [Evolution] Re: [discuss] GROUPWARE - what is it, anyways?

On 9 Feb 2001, Lloyd Llewellyn wrote:

So, what is 'groupware'?
      * calendaring
      * email access
      ? newsgroup access
      * email alias/list management
      * shared file access (webdav?)
      * todo lists
      * project/progress tracking
      * address book(s)

All of the above qualify.  Some other thoughts:

    - Links between items
    - Item views (hierarchical folders, etc)

Applies to only some items.

    - User-administrable permissions system
    - Replication

Level 2

    - Concurrency control

Hopefully supported in underlying protocols, inc. webdav. I think going
for a full revision control would be a bit overboard. 

    - Distributable (off-line + syncing, PDA's etc)

That's level 2 or 3. 

Prioritizing is important.

Yes - hopefully it will apply to mails aswell (yet another header line?)

Where does Mozilla fit into this?

Should it?  Except as a potential client?

A buy-in from Mozilla would be very good. It would get the project a very
prominent, visible application with a huge installed base.

Where do Evo and OO fit in?  Interest and assistance from existing
projects that might use these services would be a big help.

Two projects that do/used to do groupware things and want to do it (or
whose user base wants them to do it)? 

What can we learn from Gnu Glue?  The concept is closest to what I had
in mind.  Markus seemed to be opposed to a server-based model though,
and I can't see an *entirely* distributed model working in practice.

Non-server based models aren't of much use to those who want things
centralised (it has it's advbanteges in administrartion, backup,
resources, etc.) - esp. if we try to be able to actually make use of as
much existing applications as possible.

If you took a multi-layered, high level view of it, you would see:

              1 server
           replicated servers
        fully distributed system

And it is not a 'is better' pyramid but an 'increasing distribution'
pyramid. We should start at the top and slowly move downwards - starting
at the bottom IMHO unncessarily complicates things for no clear gains. 


One day a tortoise will learn to fly
        -- Terry Pratchett, 'Small Gods'

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