Re: [Evolution] new oaf problem ?

Dont get me wrong, i'd rather type oaf-slay than reboot my machine also,
and i do. But this started out because one user didnt. He'd rather have
scripts run to do this for you. I dont see that as a option because do
you want all 40+ users on your machine losing there desktop or email
client or any other program when updating some lib? Of course not. but
for the users that do not want to get into the console and figure of
they need to type oaf-slay or kill there /tmp/orbit<user> files,
rebooting is an option for them. 

On 07 Feb 2001 20:37:49 -0500, Andrew Cowie wrote:
On 6 Feb 2001, Alec Peden wrote:

I dont want my desktop dying everytime i update my email client, nor
gnome-panel or any other app that will migrate to oaf. the best way to
do this is have Red Carpet tell you to reboot your machine. While this
is a big pain in the ass for me and probably many others,...

Uh, rebooting a box everytime you update isn't really an acceptable
solution when you have 40+ users all pulling their sessions of the
same server.

[Just thought I'd offer a don't-forget-not-everyone-who-uses-gnome-as
desktop-computer perspective]

Certainly Debian is huge on being able to update packages without restarting
your machine.


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