Re: [Evolution] Wow! New Exec Summary feature. :)

4) (nit warning!) Someone's probably noticed this already, but the title
bar for the Calendar Component is messed up in the new snapshot.

Finally got this fixed. It was weird, but it's gone now.

And a bug I ran into Exec Summary: If I try to close the RDF summary
before it times out (remember, it couldn't get the summary because of
proxy), it totally hangs the Executive Summary AND my cursor. I had to
Ctrl+Alt+F1 and log in under the terminal to kill Exec-Summary :(

I think this is fixed, but you need to update gnome-vfs. Unfortunatly, I
don't know what version, but tonights CVS works....I've not been able to
test it (cos gnotices is working for once....damn), but the other place
that I've been seeing the lock up is fixed.


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