Re: [Evolution] View --> Hide Deleted Messages broke?

It sounds like its working right. Hide Deleted Messages is sorta like
Apply Filters. Its runs on demand and not automaticly. So this only
hides the emails you already marked for deletion, and not to new emails
you delete. Supposely it will be fix to hide all deleted messages
automaticly and have the Trash be a vfolder that displays only deleted
messages. If and when this will be done, i dont know. 

On 07 Feb 2001 14:08:29 -0600, Ben Ricker wrote:
I noticed a strange acting piece that may be in the works. I downloaded
the Feb 7 nightly build using Ximian's Updater (I wish I would have done
that BEFORE I tried building from source!). When I delete a message, it
is still in the Inbox but with a line through it. I go to the View menu
and choose 'Hide Deleted Messages' and the deleted messages disappear.
However, when I receive new messages, they are not hidden whren I delete

Btw, this is an EXCELLENT piece of software. Nice functionality (I too
need the 'Check mail every X minutes), looks really nice, runs very well
(especially in comparison to the Evolution I tried out last year). Nice
work, people!

Ben Ricker
Senior Systems Administrator
US-Rx, Inc.

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