[Evolution] View --> Hide Deleted Messages broke?

I noticed a strange acting piece that may be in the works. I downloaded
the Feb 7 nightly build using Ximian's Updater (I wish I would have done
that BEFORE I tried building from source!). When I delete a message, it
is still in the Inbox but with a line through it. I go to the View menu
and choose 'Hide Deleted Messages' and the deleted messages disappear.
However, when I receive new messages, they are not hidden whren I delete

Btw, this is an EXCELLENT piece of software. Nice functionality (I too
need the 'Check mail every X minutes), looks really nice, runs very well
(especially in comparison to the Evolution I tried out last year). Nice
work, people!

Ben Ricker
Senior Systems Administrator
US-Rx, Inc.

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