Re: [Evolution] problems replying to HTML message

Focus in cvs/snapshots is really fucked up. Thats probably why the
editor is crashing. Just start hitting tab in the composer and the reply
field will die heh. I'm not so sure the new RH 7.0 snapshots fix this
either but i not positive. .9 just branched and your best bet is to
check out from that branch. Ettore wrote to the list a few days ago with
the right tag for co'ing. 

On 07 Feb 2001 14:42:18 -0500, Fernando Pereira wrote:
I've just received a long HTML message that I'm trying to reply to.
Unfortunately, whenever I select and try to delete the quoted HTML
material, the reply body window goes away. Besides the apparent gtkhtml
bug, it's really a pain not to have an option to reply without quoting,
or at least a "Clear" command for the reply window. 

If these problems are solved in CVS, which anon CVS should I use? There
have been no successful RH 6.2 snapshots for more than one week, and the
last time I used CVS instead (GNOME anon CVS), the version there was
even older than the one in the snapshot.

-- F

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