Re: [discuss] Re: [Evolution] OO - GROUPWARE - Call for concluison-was: OpenOffice: Say it isn't so.

Sander Vesik wrote:

On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Dan Kuykendall wrote:
Can I mention that phpGroupWare (and other such solutions) would also
benefit greatly by a joint effort? We are already moving toward doing
this all by ourselves, but could benefit from a shared effort.

Of course anybody who awants to have something benefits if others go out
and start doing it for them 8-)

I had not said that I am going stand by the sidelines and then benefit
when others get it done. Im getting and and working on the code.

Ahhh the ever present dilemma. I think that this can be solved. In fact
I am working on solving part of this with the phpGroupWare project (will
explain more later).

Everybody wants to see at least some light at the end of the tunnel before
running headlong into it.

Again, Im ready to forge ahead and beat down any rocks and boulders that
try and get in my way.

This is an OpenOffice list (at least where I read it) so it is hapenning,
at least to some point?

Not really... I only see talk. At least so far... 

So where does this SOAP thingy leave LDAP? Well, at least Openoffice will
be covered when the UNO<->SOAP bridge becomes reality...

XML-RPC doesnt exclude LDAP in any way. LDAP is a data repository. So
you just build a module to use LDAP and another to use a sql server.
Leave it up to teh admin to make the choice. This is what I already do
with phpGroupWare.

Why not work the other way around - starting with an existing
(modular) http server - say apatche - and then adding the things in? Or do
you really want to reinvent and write a http server yourselves?

You missed the point completely.
The point is that I am going to try and build a XML-RPC protocol that is
platform and language independant. It is NOT going to be phpGW specific.
Granted phpGW will be the test bed, and as such I doubt some of what we
do in phpGW will not bleed into the standard I put together. But the
intention is to allow anyone else to build a backend in whatever fashion
(perl, zope, C, etc...) and just use our documented design.

You might find out that lot's of people aren't interested at all to have
anything to do with MS .NET ...

XML-RPC is what I would use. Now XML-RPC has been getting SOAP support
built into it, since the two are almost identical systems. Now if
developers dont want to use a decent protocol just because it comes from
Redmond, then I would think them foolish and wouldnt need their help
But you are probably biased for doing it with SOAP 8-)

I am an XML-RPC fan, and SOAP can be easily supported as well, and this
would open us up to the world that M$ is moving to SOAP/.NET. Why
wouldnt we want to provide a means to take those people from MS$ .NET to
an open source solution?


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