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Just tossing another 2 cents in here---

There's a project in the Perl community that's working now on creating
an open iCalendar./iTIP shared calendar server. It's called Reefknot
(, and we're currently in the planning
stages--- our current project is to revise the Net::ICal module to the
point where it's feature-complete and usable by average Perl coders.
We'd love to have contact with other project teams to learn what you're
doing and how you're solving problems related to shared calendaring.
And, of course, new developers are always welcome. Please email me if
there are any questions I can answer about our goals.


I think that having a real life iTIP daemon would be VERY cool. I dont
think it is a total package tho. Just as to say that IMAP does not a
groupware system make. IMAP is a piece, as is iTIP. It may very well be
that the data ends up being stored in an iTIP daemon (or a sql table...
admin choice), but there needs to be a single consitent framework that
covers IMAP, iTIP, LDAP (addresbook), etc etc...
This is what I am working on. This is the full backend for a groupware
system and it is only a piece, but it is the peice taht developer
program against.


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