[Evolution] GROUPWARE - Answered: Why "OOGS" ?

== The Word Is Heard  (or: "Gentlemen: I give you - OOGS!")

<nitpick>What is the second O for?</nitpick>

'Open Office Groupware Standard' as in an 'Office Groupware Standard'
(OGS) that is open? But that's just my guess.

It's a recursive acronym in the same way that GNU and TINT are recursive

Like, GNU stands for Gnu's Not Unix.

similarly:  OOGS:

   OOGS is

... OOGS.

Thus the "extra" O  :-)

Also, "Groupware" is one word AFAIK so no W in my version.  Plus, "OOGS"
is pronounceable, vs. OGWS.  OGS is pronounceable, but it doesn't have
the cool FSF-ish recursive anagram  :-)

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