Re: [Evolution] new oaf problem - orbit temp files ?

On 06 Feb 2001 13:46:06 -0500, Michael Leone wrote:
My distro cleans up /tmp on startup, so this may account for me never
having the /tmp/orbit problem. i'm also hoping that after GNOME 1.4 is
released, API changes will only come with full version updates.

Also: Does oaf have to put it's temp files in the main system /tmp
directory? Or can it be set to put them in the USER'S /home/me/tmp

Now that's a pretty dorky solution.  First, what about systems that have
no account named "me"?  And for the systems that do have a "me" account,
do you think me would appreciate me's tempdir getting filled up by all
the other evolution users?  What happens if the me account is really
symlinked to "metoo"?

Sorry, had a really rough day and needed some humour -;^>=

- Not to be confused with evil twin, Spankmonkey

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