Re: [Evolution] new oaf problem ?

its harmful because oaf-slay will kill any process using oafd. Right now
that isnt much but soon alot of other programs will be moving to it.
Alot of time i'll be in the middle of writing an email while Nautilus is
updating, now if the the rpm/deb's ran there oaf-slay scripts after it
was done installing, evolution would die (even tho i'm updating nautilus
and all my work would be lost. Once the APIs stablize, running oaf-slay
and rm old orbit files will be less frequent. rm'ing the t/mp/orbit*
files, while i havent had to do this and update nautilus/evolution
everyday, would have a similar effect on programs using ORBit. 


On 06 Feb 2001 17:25:52 +0100, Xavier Bestel wrote:

Le 2001.02.06 16:54:40 +0100, Alec Peden a écrit :
Evolution snapshots are not meant to be used my end-users. The
releases arent even targeted towards end-users. If you want a
upgrade path", I'd suggest waiting til 1.0 is completed. Evolution
based on RAPIDLY changing libs that  wont be apart of GNOME til 1.4
which is over a month away. Evolution has a disclaimer everytime you
open it up for a reason. 

That's fine, and I understand it very well. This doen't exclude a
enhancement of the way oafd (and others) is upgraded, which is IMO
currently user-unfriendly. Someday, Evo will have to get rid of its
comfortable "I'm broken" disclaimer.
I don't understand why the oafd package can't just do a rm -Tf
and killall oafd right now. Is it harmful ?



Alec Peden
- I'd love to love you but I'm too impure an angel - 

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