Re: [Evolution] Copy and Paste

I'm using 0.8.2-100 acquired via the gnome update service.  That one
claims to be from Feb 4. Copy is not on my edit menu in the message
preview/viewer (That is, the main screen with the message list and the
pretty icons on the left and the preview pane).  I don't generally open
messages into a separate window by double clicking on them  when I read
them.  Ctrl-C asks me where I want to copy the message to even  though,
I've hilighted text to copy to the clip board.  When I first tried to
reply to this message, I had hit the Reply button, but did not hit the
reply-all button.  I highlighted the text that I was typing in and
clicked on copy, canceled the message, started a new one by hitting
reply-all, clicked into the edit window, hit paste and got nothing.  I
did not try cut and paste.

Seems to me that copy and paste is pretty well foo-bar.  

Don't get me wrong, I love the product.  I like the look and feel, I
think the developers are doing a great job and this product has come a
long way since I first started looking at it last spring.  Keep up the
good work.



On 06 Feb 2001 13:25:55 -0500, Duncan Mak wrote:
On 06 Feb 2001 13:02:04 -0500, Curtis Maurand wrote:
  I have a feature request.  I would love to be able to copy to the
clipboard from the message viewer

How does it not work right now? I just tried to do copy and paste from
Evolution (my build is made from yesterday's snapshot SRPMS) and it
worked fine. I can do cut and paste using the Edit menu, and also do
x-selection copy and paste. Cut and paste also works from Evolution
composer to Netscape (4.7) too. And vice versa too (from Netscape to

To do x-selection cut-n-paste, highlight the text you want to copy, and
middle click on where you want to paste.

Please elaborate on your request, as far as I can see, the cut-n-paste
are avalible from both the message view and the composer already.

Duncan Mak
= duncan ximian com - duncan simplemente net - =

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