Re: [Evolution] Evolution only starts as root

The original messages was posted by Matt Bernstein on Jan 15 at 10:54.
Here is just his note:

Matt Bernstein spoketh:
Strange.. I can now get it to start by removing an old
/usr/local/share/oaf AND /usr/local/bin/oafd and friends AND deleting
everything in /tmp/orbit-${USER}/

Stig.. maybe this might help for you! Had you (like I) tried to build
source and then gave up and used the packages? And does non-root have
/usr/local/bin in $PATH before /usr/bin?

On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Jim Popovitch wrote:

I  also had a problem with an old version of oaf installed in
/usr/local/bin while the needed files were in /usr/bin.
Somewhere in the archives there was an email idenitifying
which oaf files to remove.  Anyone have the specifics?

-Jim P.


Nec sorte nec fato (Neither by chance nor fate)
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