RE: [Evolution] Attachment problem

This is a different bug that was present in the 0.8 release that has
already been fixed.  The problem in your case is that your gtk+ theme
has a background pixmap.  If you'd like to avoid this bug either choose
a theme without a background pixmap (default will work), or upgrade to
the snapshots (which are sure to have other problems).


On 31 Jan 2001 20:21:44 -0600, John Graber wrote:
I too have a similar problem:

I have received 2 emails - One is in HTML format with a *.wav file attached.
Another I sent to myself as a test and is a plain text email with an
attached *.txt file.

In both cases, when I select either email from the list in my Inbox, the
preview pane begins to display the email and then the whole Inbox disappears
with the following message:

      Ooops!  The view for 'evolution:/local/Inbox' have died unexpectedly.  :-(
      This probably means that the mail component has crashed.

(No, the poor English is not mine 8)

And the terminal window displays:

      Bonobo-WARNING **: Exception on unrealize 'Unknown CORBA exception id:

I am using the Preview release downloaded from Ximian Update.



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