Re: [Evolution] Evolution Slow To Restart After Logging Out/Loggin Back In

On Wed, 2001-08-29 at 09:24, Frederic Crozat wrote:
On 29 Aug 2001 08:14:19 -0400, Thomas J. Baker wrote:
I've experienced this on two machines, both running RedHat 7.1, Kernel
2.4.9, Ximian Gnome, and the 8/21 Evolution snapshot. Evolution runs
fine but when I log out and log back in the next day, it is very slow
starting up as each component registers and for stuff like composing a
reply or new message. If I log out, do an oaf-slay, and log back in,
everything is fine until I log out again.

I would like to know if anyone else experiences this before I submit it
as a bug to bugzilla.

Upgrade to oaf 0.6.6, this will fix the problem

I wasn't having this problem with the 2.2.19 kernel. I just upgraded to
the 2.4.9 which apparently makes it appear.

Any plans to release oaf 0.6.6 anytime soon to the evo or gnome
red-carpet channel? 

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