Re: [Evolution] Evolution and HTML/Attachments

I have a hunch that the behavior I'm seeing is because I receive the
evolution list in DIGEST format rather than message-by-message, but most
of the emails I see that have any sort of HTML in them are reproduced in
their full god-awful glory

This is a bug/misfeature in the version of mailman we are using on our
list server. If you follow the link at the bottom of this message, then
enter your email address and click "edit options" at the bottom of that
page, and choose "MIME" rather than "Plain Text" for the digest format,
you will receive the digests in a much more readable format.

(If you don't know your password for the list, you can get mailman to
mail it to you from that page as well: you'll need the password to get
it to save the change.)

-- Dan

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