Re: [Evolution] Evolution and HTML/Attachments

when the user sends an HTML message, you get the following MIME


If we don't send the text/plain part, then mailers that don't support
HTML can't read it. So, the text/plain part is sejnt out of courtesy.


On Wed, 2001-08-22 at 18:09, dpeterso ne orst edu wrote:
I'm just curious about how Evo treats HTML mail.  I remember that it has a
checkbox under preferences or something that says "I want/don't want HTML"
and "Send/don't send HTML" encoded mail.  Most times when I receive mail
that has both text and html, the HTML is set as an attachment (I'm using
pine as my MUA) that can be viewed or ignored.

I have a hunch that the behavior I'm seeing is because I receive the
evolution list in DIGEST format rather than message-by-message, but most
of the emails I see that have any sort of HTML in them are reproduced in
their full god-awful glory and I have to read/skip past the message twice:
once for the content, then another time for the HTML marked-up version.
A similar thing happens with the calendar attachments.  They are just
appended in full-length rather than as an attachment.  This is why I am
thinking it's a listserve DIGEST thing.

Can anyone confirm that hunch or does Evo naturally feel the need to
broadcast it's content twice when HTML encoding is present?

Curiously yours,
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