Re: mbox vs. Maildir (was: Re: [Evolution] expunge speed)

So sprach »Ron Guerin« am 2001-08-20 um 15:19:36 -0400 :
people who stop using mbox seem to do so over the reliability issue,

Which issue?  Maybe I was just lucky, but over the years it has never
happend to me that the mail file got corrupted.

I think the choice boils down largely to one of personal preference,
much like the choice of a MUA.

And I suppose those two are tightly related.  

If Evolution where my primary mailer, I'd change to Maildir because of
the terrible mbox performance of Evolution.

But since my primary mailer (mutt) handles mbox *WAY* better than
Maildir, I stay with mbox, because of the facts I've layed out.

Alexander Skwar
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