RE: mbox vs. Maildir (was: Re: [Evolution] expunge speed)

Ricardo Amadeo Contreras wrote:
Personally, I still can't see evidence for choosing one format over the
other.  It appears that there are benefits and drawbacks to each format.
I guess it depends on what the situation calls for.

For most people, I don't think it really matters to them much.  Most
people who stop using mbox seem to do so over the reliability issue,
but I'd be interested in hearing how much of a problem it really is.

I think the choice boils down largely to one of personal preference,
much like the choice of a MUA.

I still am curious as to why mbox was chosen as the default.
(historical?  most widely used?  actual benefits?)

Probably it's both of the first two, and also *something* had to be
the default. I just wish I could change the default in the preferences.


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