Re: [Evolution] Red Carpet downtime [offtopic]

"mk" == Matthew Keller <kellermg potsdam edu> writes:

hje> I am in violent agreement with this.  To my knowledge there have
hje> been exactly zero news items posted via the redcarpet news
hje> feature since the two launch news items on Feb 20.

mk> *nod* Would've been nice for sure. Especially for those of us who
mk> either weren't on the RC list, or who swear we never got such a
mk> message (or clicked through it too fast ;) 

mk> Although, Hal, should you use the phrase "violent agreement" given
mk> your .sig? ;)

Touche.  s/violent/very strong/;  Let's close this thread and move on.


Hal J Eisen, TMWTMOASS                                eisen dunhackin org              Laziness, Impatience, Hubris
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent"  --Salvor Hardin
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