Re: [Evolution] Red Carpet downtime

Actually, I'm not convinced the issue is the beta status of the
software.  My beef is that your loyal beta testers and cheerleaders
were kept in the dark about the outage.  I interpret that as a lack of
respect for us.  I think that an email going out on this mailing list
or a message posted on the web site would have been courteous.

For the record, an email was sent out a few days ago when the outage
happened to the Red Carpet mailing list at red-carpet ximian com  The
evolution mailing list isn't the right venue for such announcements.

As for the Evolution snapshots, someone else said it perfectly: these
are nightly, automated snapshots, are pretty unstable, and not tested
before they are posted. I think people have taken the relative stability
of the snapshots (compared to Mozilla, for example) for granted. I
didn't even notice the problem between the snapshot and the RC package
until someone pointed it out. That said, we have not been oblivious to
the problems and they are being fixed.

I agree that putting something up on the website would have been
helpful, and I am definitely pushing for that in the future, but we've
all been more busy than normal with the next version of our desktop, and
some things have regrettably fallen through the cracks.


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