Re: [Evolution] Red Carpet downtime

Actually, I was just commenting on something I've seen a lot having been
involved in open source software.  It didn't have anything to the with
the lack of info from ximian.  We get so used to beta software being
usable that we forget it's available for testing and big changes might
actually occur.

As an aside, I find it funny that people in the open source community
get so jumpy when software in beta doesn't work.  If we got something in
beta from MS we'd be surprised if it worked, but we are so used to
running on software that 0.38 (sawfish) or 0.10 (evolution) or 0.9.2
(red-carpet) that works fantastically, that we forget that the whole
idea of beta is getting it write before you release it, and that we
shouldn't be relying to strongly on anything until it's actually

Actually, I'm not convinced the issue is the beta status of the
software.  My beef is that your loyal beta testers and cheerleaders
were kept in the dark about the outage.  I interpret that as a lack of
respect for us.  I think that an email going out on this mailing list
or a message posted on the web site would have been courteous.

I recommend that the Ximian developers take a few minutes and visit and learn how to interact with their

I am still a big supporter of Ximian, install Ximian GNOME on all
my GNU/Linux boxes and want to use Red Carpet daily to keep my systems
up to date.  I would also like to be kept in the loop when I'm not
going to be able to do that.


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