Re: [Evolution] gtkhtml problems

I removed gtkhtml 0.9.3 and reinstalled 0.8.3, then reinstalled

I am not sure what diff there is between the two different gtkhtml
releases. Are the developers aware of this? It looks like a case of the
right hand not knowing what the left hand depends on.

Yes, it's been happening for a few days now; there have been a number of
posts about it here. As one of the developers pointed out, the snapshots are
not tested, prior to release. So you takes your chances, by using the daily
snapshots. :-)

You could do it this way:

download the SRPM for red-carpet
rpm -e red-carpet --> to remove it
Update Evolution manually (rpm -Uvh *.rpm --> on the latest snapshot files
that you manually download from
(this will install the new gtkhtml 0.9.3  libs)
reinstall red-carpet --> rpm --rebuild
rpm -ivh red-carpet

By rebuilding red-carpet yourself, it will link against the gtkhtml 0.9.3
libs, and then red-carpet will work.

I think that by re-installing 0.8.3, you've broken the latest snapshots of
Evo, which require 0.9.3.

Of course, you could just wait for a new red-carpet release (altho I haven't
seen any time frame for that yet) that will use the new gtkhtml version, and
start using the Evo snapshots again after that.

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