Re: [Evolution] Small aesthetic issues

On 19 Apr 2001 15:44:01 -0400, Abe Fettig wrote:
I just installed today's snapshot, and I have a couple of
comments/questions on aesthetics:

1. I notice that the Etree objects no longer have the subtle stripes
that they had before.  Why not?  IMHO the stripes were really nice.  In
fact, I was going to send a message to the list saying how sweet it was
that when you highlighted multiple messages the stripes would become a
slightly darker and slightly lighter version of the highlight color from
your theme.  Great work by somebody.  Now can we have them back?

We've switched to using gal's tag for 0.7 instead of the main branch.
This is because of binary incompatible changes in gal make it not work
with the tagged version of gtkhtml.

However, the stripes are something that were added after gal 0.7 was
frozen.  Therefore, by switching back to 0.7 instead of the main branch
of gal, the stripes went away.

Soon after we release evolution 0.10, we'll switch to using the main
branches of gal, gtkhtml, and evolution.  At that time the stripes will

I'm glad you like the stripes.


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