Re: [Evolution] appointment categories

On 20 Apr 2001 16:34:20 +1200, Guy Steven wrote:
I notice some strange behaviour when it comes to choosing a category for
a new appointment.

If the category you wish to associate with an appointment is not on the
list, you can add a new one, and it gets added to the list. When that
appointment is saved, the new category does not show up when creating or
editing another appointment. If you return to edit the original
appointment, the new category is present again.

I am using the current anoncvs version of evolution 

Yeah.  The categories that get created in that fashion are temporary. It
doesn't automatically add them to the master category list.

I've written some code very recently so that there is an editable master
category list.  You'll be able to right click on them and say "Add to
master category list".  Actually, this user interface is already there,
but it doesn't actually get saved anywhere.

The reason this code isn't checked in is that evolution will now be
dependent on a new library (bonobo-conf.)  This means that the snapshots
have to have bonobo-conf added to them before I commit or it will break
the snapshots.  We'll do this as soon as we can.


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