Re: [Evolution] not being able to update contacts

On 19 Apr 2001 23:13:18 +0100, mark wrote:

I have entered some contacts into evo, worked great, but when i go to edit the contacts 
i am unable to as all the options are greyed out; but i can still add new contacts though.
so i tried to maually go into the evolution folder and edit them that way, no chance.
Anyway so i renamed my evolution folder and re ran the evolution setup, and my contacts reappeared;
surly renaming the evo folder would loose all the contacts as they are not imported into the gnomecard
and i cannot find the contacts file anywahere to edit it.I assumed for some reason evolution changed the 
contacts, so i ran thru the folder and all the permissions are intact.
Anyone else came across this problem as well.

I believe the Addressbook (Contacts) is stored in a .db file in your
evolution folder.

ie, /home/andrew/evolution/local/Contacts/addressbook.db

while were on the subject will there be a spell checker incorporated into
evolution in the future?

That's something that I don't know :-) There should be though,
considering that most other mail clients do. I'd hope that it comes in

If Ximian use the existing spell checker libraries available (ispell,
aspell etc.) I wouldn't think that it would be that big a task (at least
when compared to other features :-)

   - Andrew

Andrew Reid                   email: andrew reid plug cx
"If ignorance is bliss        phone: +61 401 946 813
 why aren't there more 
 happy people?"

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