Re: [Evolution] not being able to update contacts

On 19 Apr 2001 23:13:18 +0100, mark wrote:
Hi to all,
I have entered some contacts into evo, worked great, but when i go to edit the contacts 
i am unable to as all the options are greyed out; but i can still add new contacts though.
so i tried to maually go into the evolution folder and edit them that way, no chance.
Anyway so i renamed my evolution folder and re ran the evolution setup, and my contacts reappeared;
surly renaming the evo folder would loose all the contacts as they are not imported into the gnomecard
and i cannot find the contacts file anywahere to edit it.I assumed for some reason evolution changed the 
contacts, so i ran thru the folder and all the permissions are intact.
Anyone else came across this problem as well.

One solution I know of it to kill all wombat processes by hand every
time you stop evolution. It seems like the wombat is designed to be
running like a daemon and stay around even when Evolution is not running
(for alarms and stuff like that) but that's also the reason why you
can't edit your contacts.

So yeah, quit evolution and kill wombat, start up again and I think
you'll be able to edit the contacts once again.

while were on the subject will there be a spell checker incorporated into evolution in the future?

Yup, Evolution developer Radek worked on this really hard a while ago
and it's currently working already. It's nifty.

No matter how you installed Evolution, to get spell checking working
(like I have ;-), these are the steps:

1) make sure you have a recent aspell (i think what comes with your
distro should be fine...)

2) get a recent pspell from (0.12)

3) get checkout the gnome-spell module from cvs (you can use anoncvs,
but often code received from anoncvs isn't up-to-date and lagging code
sync'ing makes the code uncompilable) 

4) make install all of them to the same dir as where evolution is (if
you use snapshots, that's /usr)

Duncan Mak
= duncan ximian com  - - - - - - - - - - - - - =
= duncan simplemente net      =

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