Re: [Evolution] not being able to update contacts

Yup, Evolution developer Radek worked on this really hard a while ago
and it's currently working already. It's nifty.

Well, it definitely doesn't work for me.  It did work at
one time very briefy, but it has been crashing for a long
time (read weeks, probably months).  I've posted to the
list about it several times and submitted a bug report, but
not much in the way of responses.


No matter how you installed Evolution, to get spell checking working
(like I have ;-), these are the steps:

1) make sure you have a recent aspell (i think what comes with your
distro should be fine...)

2) get a recent pspell from (0.12)

3) get checkout the gnome-spell module from cvs (you can use anoncvs,
but often code received from anoncvs isn't up-to-date and lagging code
sync'ing makes the code uncompilable) 

4) make install all of them to the same dir as where evolution is (if
you use snapshots, that's /usr)

Duncan Mak
= duncan ximian com  - - - - - - - - - - - - - =
= duncan simplemente net      =

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