[Evolution] LDAP support / GPL Issues

Just a thought, but it is well known that the GPL is not business
friendly.  This is just one example of that.  Perhaps you should think
about using another license that is open source friendly and will allow
you to link to the needed LDAP libs.  Maybe the BSD license?  I'm not a
legal expert, but it seems to me that LDAP would be critical to your
business.  Since I see .com and not .org, I assume this would be
important to you.

I love the GPL, by the way.  Have released several projects on it
myself, but I'm not trying to run a business, just trying to create cool free code.

Well, just a thought.
Mark Tolman

Not Zed wrote:

> For now, you will HAVE to compile it yourself, we cannot distribute such
> binaries as it voilates the license we have chosen to use for Evolution
> - the GPL.
> Perhaps your organisation could contribute to the development of an
> alternative client api for LDAP, either that, or it will just have to
> wait until there is an alternative developed or we work some other
> solution out to this problem.
>  !Z

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