Re: [Evolution] A few notes about the user interface

Michael Leone wrote:
The bug ticket wants a user-definable default action (attachment v
That is somewhat different than being able to do it inline.

Sure, but you can *already* forward inline (you just have to go through
the menu).
So the functionality is there, the question is only how to make it

Yes, I know it's there. It not how to make it available (it's already
available, there on the menu). It's a question of what happens, if you don't
explicit choose forwarding behavior per email - inline or attachment or
quoted. Right now, you get attachment. As you and I seem to agree, this is
not the best choice, 99+% of the time.

With user-definable default behavior, you only need specify inline once.
current way forces you to specify inline each time you wish to forward.
you would still need to do with a context menu menu, since - right now -
default is hardcoded as attachment.

This is what I asked for in the above bug report:

1. There should be a pref for whether you want to forward messages inline
or as
attachment by default.

I don't know what more you want.

You must be confused. I was merely elaborating on the previous posts. Me, I
want what you want - a preference for inline v attachment behavior.

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